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My Chocolate Maker (MCM) was established with the aim to prepare the perfect chocolate bar. Because it means something different to each chocolate lovers .


Here at www.mychocolatemaker.com we give you Millions of Possibilities to make the perfect chocolate bar. The concept is very simple. First choose a base from our three chocolate options: Dark, Milk or white. Once you have chosen your base chocolate add up to five fine ingredients. Choose your ingredients from a selection of more than 80 fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, candy and decorations.


Once you have finished designing the flavor & combinations with all of your ingredients the MCM team will construct your bar and it will be shipped on your doorstep .


At MCM at every single bar of chocolate is prepared and packaged by hand. Because your creation is a lovechild for us and every steps taken is to maintain the freshness of the chocolate that you created at our website.


Of course making quality chocolate is not just about loving chocolate, you need to have bestest of ingredents to make a one. 


We had done a lot of work for you and we proudly can say that MCM is ready for you, to fullfill your dreams and desires. There is no bigger goal for us than to make the chocolates which you have always dreamed about.


We give you the opportunity, but the biggest task is yours… to create. Create your own chocolate, choose from the millions of possibilities and we will prepare it for you in a way like no one else.


Simply drop us a suggestion of your favorite ingredients and we add up as our Customer‘s Choice So come in and Enjoy truly customized chocolate Bars.

We’re here to help:

email Write us at:   admin@mychocolatemaker.com

callCall us at: +91-7738926991

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